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Taekwondo Level 2

Taekwondo Level 2 Curriculum is taught for the students that have completed Level 1 study and lasts 6 months to 1 year of training. This level is dedicated to expanding kick ability, forms understanding and application, and sparring concepts. After completing rotations A, B, and C in level 2, each student is then able to gain access to level 3. In order to do that, they must show that they can do all of the techniques covered in level 2 as well as demonstrate they know how to wear their uniforms properly. 

0 of 36 lessons completed in this course.

Lessons in this Course

Rotation A Test Prep

Form: Taeguek 3

This video teaches Taeguek Sam-Jang.

Follow along Taeguek 3
Back Kick

This video teaches how to do a back kick. 

Crescent Kick (Half Moon Kick)

This video teaches Half-Moon Kick.

Round House & Back Kick Combo
Roundhouse & Half Moon Kick Combo
Double Roundhouse Kick Combo
Gi-sool 1

This video teaches the first sparring drill - Skip in, back leg kick, and then close distance.

Gi-sool 2

This video teaches Gi-sool 2.

Board Break: Roundhouse Kick

Important points in breaking a board with a roundhouse kick.

Korean Words

Korean terms used in rotation 2A.

Rotation B Distance Learning Lessons

Forms Class - Lesson 1

This class will cover double knife hand Block and spear hand strike.

Forms Class - Lesson 2

This class will cover the idea of blocking and counter attacking simultaneously. The specific technique is from Taeguek 4 and it's called Bird Form Neck Strike.

Rotation B Test Prep

Form: Taeguek 4

This video teaches Taeguek 4.

Follow along Taeguek 4
Front Hook Kick

This video teaches front hook kick. 

Back Kick

This video teaches back kick. 

Back Hook Kick

This video teaches back hook kick. 

Side & Front Hook Kick Combo
Roundhouse & Back Hook Kick Combo
Gi-sool 3

This video teaches Gi-sool 3.

Gi-sool 4

This video teaches Gi-sool 4.

Board Break: Side Kick

Information on breaking a board with a side kick.

Korean Words

Korean words used in Rotation 2B

Rotation C Test Prep

Form: Taeguek 5

This video teaches Taeguek Oh-Jang.

Follow along Taeguek 5
Skip Front Hook Kick

This video teaches how to do Skip Front Hook Kick.

Back Kick

This video teaches how to do a back kick.

Back & Axe Kick Combo
Skip Side & Back Kick Combo
Roundhouse Turn Step Roundhouse Kick Combo
Gi-sool 5

This video teaches Gi-sool 5.

Gi-sool 6

This video teaches Gi-sool 6. 

Board Break: Front Kick

This describes the board break using a front kick.

Korean Words

These are the Korean words for Rotation 2C.

Graduating Level 2 Study

How to wear your uniform

This video teaches how to wear your Taekwondo Dobok.

Matthew Thompson

Grand Master
GM Thompson has been teaching martial arts since 1999. He is ranked as a 6th Dan in Taekwondo by Kukkiwon, awarded a Level 1 Master's Instructor Certificate in Taekwondo by Kukkiwon, a 4th Dan in IHF Hapkido from IHF Headquarters in Incheon, South Korea, a Blue Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and is a certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructor. Outside of his martial arts work, GM Thompson has been involved in music instruction and has published an instructional book for percussionist entitled "Perspectives on Drum Set and Snare Drum".