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Topics Covered:

Waza - These partnered drills are basic Kendo techniques used in sparring. You must demonstrate these during Kyu level rank tests. The formal name for these techniques is "Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho".

Kata - These partnered drills are both practical and conceptual in teaching Kendo technique. You must demonstrate these during Dan level rank tests. 

Equipment management - How to wear and care for your Kendo Gi, wear and care for your bogu, and maintain your shinai. These concepts are influential to your success in Kendo and in rank testing.

Basic footwork - As in all martial arts, your footwork and body position are crucial to the success of your technique. This topic is covered here.

General Kendo Concepts - These ideas can't be directly tested. However, understanding them and putting them into practice will increase your success in Kendo.

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Lessons in this Course

Distance Learning Lessons

Waza 1

Waza 1 is taught.

Waza 2
Waza 3
Waza 4
Waza 5
Waza 6
Waza 7
Waza 9

Kata and Waza


This video teaches "Bokuto ni yoru kendo kihon waza keiko ho" or "waza" for short.


This video teaches Nihon Kendo Kata.

Footwork, Posture, Basic Techniques

Chudan no Kamae

This video covers middle posture in Kendo.

Ashi Sabaki

This video covers basic footwork concepts in Kendo. 

Fumikomi Ashi

This is special footwork used when during keiko (sparring).


Basic drills to help with Kendo Technique.


This video teaches standard Kirikeishi along with other variations that you can feel free to practice during open mat sessions.


Detailed description/analysis of Tenouchi.

Concepts and Mental Training


This discusses distancing in Kendo.


This video discusses Yuko-Datotsu (valid strike) and related topics.


This video discusses how to apply pressure on your opponent as you attack.


This video discusses opportunity in Keiko.


This video teaches elements of Zanshin.

San Sappo

This text covers the "three methods of killing" in Kendo.


This text discusses the "Four Poisons of Kendo".

Equipment Use and Maintanence

Wearing the Kendo Gi

This video teaches how to wear the Kendo Gi properly.

How to fold the Kendo Gi.

This video teaches how to fold the Kendo Gi.

Washing the Kendo Gi

This video teaches how to clean your Kendo Gi.

Wearing the Kendo Bogu

This video teaches how to wear the Kendo Bogu.

Storing the bogu

This video teaches how to store your Kendo Bogu.

Cleaning the Bogu

This video teaches how to clean the bogu.

Shinai Maintenance

This video teaches the different types of shinai and how to maintain them. 

Matthew Thompson

Grand Master
GM Thompson has been teaching martial arts since 1999. He is ranked as a 6th Dan in Taekwondo by Kukkiwon, awarded a Level 1 Master's Instructor Certificate in Taekwondo by Kukkiwon, a 4th Dan in IHF Hapkido from IHF Headquarters in Incheon, South Korea, a Blue Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and is a certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructor. Outside of his martial arts work, GM Thompson has been involved in music instruction and has published an instructional book for percussionist entitled "Perspectives on Drum Set and Snare Drum".